Sunday, March 16, 2008

Breaking News: Reports Confirm Virus Unable to Thwart Girl's Night

When Depressionista woke up from her four-hour nap on Saturday, she wasn't sure she even wanted to know if LilCherie had called or not.

"I pretty much figured Girls' Night was a lost cause," Depressionista said. "When my husband told me she'd called, I hesitated to even call back. I just didn't want the dream to die. But I knew that somehow, I had to find the courage to do it."

The call started out as most calls do--an exchange of pleasantries, updates on what each woman was doing at the moment. Neither seemed ready to broach the topic of whether or not the sinister virus at LilCherie's home had indeed ended what little hope was left for a Girls' Night that evening.

"I didn't want to ask, because I was afraid to hear the answer," Depressionista said. "I thought LilCherie sounded rather perky, but she often enjoys spending time with her family so I figured maybe she was okay with no Girls' Night. But then she asked me if J. had told me anything about their call earlier, and that's when I started to think maybe, just maybe..."

At 4:26 p.m., LilCherie confirmed that Girls' Night was a go. According to LilCherie, the D-Man was still feverish but his symptoms were being well-managed with ibuprofen, and Big R had recovered enough to be able to handle the next 17 hours on his own.

"I just couldn't believe it," Depressionista said. "I was so excited I squealed. After I calmed down, I got myself together and quickly got into gear to begin the preparations for the evening. I still had a shower to take, coffee to make, and also had to put in some kid duty to limit any guilt later on. I was so happy I even let J. take a nap while I waited for LilCherie to get here!"

LilCherie arrived at approximately 6 p.m. The two women laughed easily as they played with Depressionista's son while her husband finished his slumber. It was as if there had never even been a question about whether or not the evening would happen.

"I can't believe we did it," Depressionista said.

"Yep," LilCherie replied. "We pulled off another Girls' Night."

Their shared laughter floated through the air like bubbles in the wind as they reminisced about all the times it almost didn't happen. There were the Girls' Nights after sinus surgery, strep throat and a tonsillectomy; the blizzard a couple years ago that Depressionista weathered on the way to LilCherie's; and of course, who could forget the ice storm last November that LilCherie and PioneerGirl drove through to attend the Girls' Night Christmas 2007 Extravaganza?

"You know, we really shouldn't even worry," Depressionista said. "We're like the postal service. Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays us from the swift completion of our appointed rounds."

"Amen," LilCherie replied. "Amen."


LilCherie said...

Yes...another fabulous Girl's Night under our belt. The boys did ok at home. The night was a bit rough--the D-boy ended up throwing up from coughing...Big R didnt get much sleep but overall, after Big R was able to get a nap--everyone seems fine!

Anonymous said...

I so love you two watching the friendship you two have and the ease you have with one another... it is inspiring to those of those that prefer to remian somewhat distant...and I am thrilled girls night was a sucess...I actually called lilcherie on her way to your house and had to ask if it was on, as I so did not want it to be cancelled for you two...please feel free to think about another girls night at My place after Easter. peace out....karmagirl.

Anonymous said...

Pioneer Girl Here watching and reading like a little girl denied an ice cream cone. Not because of my girls but the big bad grouchy H-man. I checked the site all saturday night while sewing at my machine. New projects for all of us I will give you the web site to look at the pattern. lots of love and congrats for an evening won for the GIRLS. lol pioneer girl ps Hello Karma Girl

Tingle said...

Hooray! Glad it worked out for you two. What a trying ordeal you both went through. This is so beautiful, and hilarious at the same time. It's true, nothing will keep you two from a Girls Night!

kalakly said...

I love GIRLS NITE! Sadly mine have been reduced to home shopping parties mostly but I am always game if someone wants to go get liquered up! At least in my head I am:)
Now you have to spill the details, whadcha do??????Enquiring minds want to know!

k@lakly said...

Then I'll comment down here, YOU NEED TO GO TO A HOSPITAL AND CHECK IN NOW! Put yourself on a 72 hour hold, get a better doc and some different meds. What you are doing is not working and you need the help you deserve. Please do this for yourself and for Bubba. There are people and resources out there that can make a difference. If you need to talk email me: kalakly at yahoo dot com

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